Gateway Glorifies

Currently, we are striving to start a work back up, like we have had in the past, but we are need of leaders and project planners, to serve our neighbors and community. Since the pandemic and social distancing, this work has been extremely challenging. If you would like to lead, coordinate or serve in this work, we are planning to get this reignited in July 2021. See below for the description of why we feel at Gateway it is so vitally important.  

 Gateway glorifies is a committee composed of several members of the church that work closely with the staff and leadership of Gateway to find ways for the church to identify and meet the needs of our surrounding communities and missionaries throughout the world. Most of the events that are outreach or service oriented are organized through Gateway Glorifies. At its core, this group is dedicated to helping others come to know, experience, and trust the love of God as demonstrated through our actions. It is our hope that by our actions the world will know we are Christians and know our God, or in other words, we hope the world can benefit from our lives while we give the glory to God. Below are examples of ways we are committed to making God known.

The Direction

Gateway Glorifies is guided by a basic direction: to help in the work of reconciling the world to God (2 Cor 5). Ever since the Fall, when Adam and Eve first sinned, the world has been broken and God has been working to heal, reconcile and bring creation back to its intended place. We believe that we also have a role to play in this work. To do this we try to plan service projects and events that help fix the brokenness of the world. We strive to help repair three broken relationships: humanity with God, humanity with one another, and humanity with creation. Each of the events we plan therefore either try to bring people closer to God, people closer to one another, or people in better relation to creation (and sometimes we strive to do all three). We recognize that only God can fully heal the brokenness of the world, but we also feel called to help where we can. 

International Missions

On a larger scale, Gateway also supports missionaries in El Salvador, as well as providing occasional support for other missionaries and groups. For years we have been providing consistent financial support to El Salvador, as well as educational resources, teaching materials, and emotional and spiritual support to the missionaries and churches there. It is our goal to not simply help spread the gospel in other countries, but to also establish and maintain relationships with the people there. We believe we can offer each other much in our walk with Jesus if only we are willing to learn and grow with each other’s support. For this reason, it is our hope that we not just financially support missionaries, but we partner with and form bonds with other congregations throughout the world for the benefit of God’s Kingdom.